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Writer - Conduit - Extrasensory - Empath


A writer and producer who began his journey long before he picked up a pen or touched a key. He has been making music since childhood. Music is an outlet that no other outlet gives him. No matter what he may be going through, music is what brightens up his vibe. May he be a voice that helps you on your journey. As above so below. Love & Blessings.

Starlit Apothecary


The official shop of Jacob Alan Psydul. He offers 100% soy and cotton wick candles that have been infused with not only fragrance, but essential oils imported from India. Each candle comes with a lovely friend that you may take out of the candle when you decide to. (PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE) May the effects be everlasting. Each of the stones and crystals have been purified by the light and love of the earth, sun & moon. Each of these stones have been instilled with the energy to help you reach your desired goals. As above so below. Love & Blessings

Provocative City Lights

In a city overrun by gangsters and spirits, Davey is just another twenty-two-year-old hiding behind headphones and a grin. One dream into the next he finds himself paralyzed and lost, hoping to understand what is coming next. Something devious lurks at every corner, but he's not as alone as he thinks he is. A bottle of whiskey and his dog, Chubby, stand close. This is his dance with Fate when the beast comes knocking.

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